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Symphonic Line

Next adventures of music
Rolf Gemein exhibits:
  • High End in München: Mai 2022 . Room: Halle 3 Stand K 05
  • Norddeutsche Hifi Tage in Hamburg Hotel Lindner: 5-6. Februar 2022, Room 210

I'll be glad to welcome you!

2021 -Power amplifier Kraft 300 MK 3 Class A

2021 is the 40th anniversary of the "Kraft 100 Class A" from my first manufactory Vernissage.

It was published on the front page of Volume 1 of "The Ear" Magazine from Klaus Renner, January 1982. Klaus like myself was an original cofunding partner of the "High-End".
40 years of artisan handmade-evolution to "Kraft 300 Class A", masterpieces that are completely dedicated to my love for music. The live likeness an energy of the Kraft amplifier - just as in life itself and in future of the total new mind of our earth and mankind. The flow of richness and fullness results in strength and growth. With music and open heart you can step into your own next dimension.

Wishing all of you the very best.
Rolf Gemein

Exhibition in Zhenzhen VR China (November 2019):

Preview of the new "Kraft 300 Stereo"

Summaries of Tests

Symphonic Line RG 10 Reference HD Master
Test Hifi-Stars 3/2015: world class!
Test Audio 1/2016: ... he is a masterpiece

Symphonic Line High End-Manufaktur, founded 1984 of High End-Pionier Rolf Gemein.

Test reports:
Hörerlebnis: Kraftwerk MK3 Reference
... he has revealed sounds I have never heard before.

HiFiVision: RG14 MK5 Edition
For some reason, the reproduction of the voice in the RG14 MK5 gets under the skin, into the spinal cord, into the heart or even into the soul. It's just all right, it doesn't sound angular, not soft, not strained, not ostensible and certainly not soft-ironed.


Wir stellen feinste HiFi-Komponenten in Handarbeit mit besten Bauteilen und großartiger Klangfülle her. Viele Komponenten sind beliebte Arbeitsgeräte von HiFi-Redaktionen und Entwicklern.
Alle Geräte können nach Jahrzehnten modifiziert und einem Update unterzogen werden.

Mein Hauptziel: höchster Klanggenuss und Freude mit Symphonic Line - bei Ihnen zuhause.

Letzte Änderung am Mittwoch, 28. April 2021 um 09:20:46 Uhr.

Stereoplay 2. Platz 2012: RG7 MK4

Audio: Golden Ear 2013 for the RG7 Reference